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Expo-Russia 2008

7th Annual Industrial Exhibition 


19-21 March, 2008

Amman, Jordan

 Holiday Inn hotel 5*



  • Zarubezh-Expo, JSC
  • The International Association of Peace Foundations with

support of

  • the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation,
  • the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation,
  • the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Jordan,
  • the Embassy of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the Russian Federation,
  • the Embassy of Iraq in the Russian Federation,
  • the Russian - Arab Business Council,
  • the Russian-Jordanian business Council,
  • Jordan Chamber of Commerce,
  • Amman Chamber of Commerce,
  • Jordan Chamber of Industry,

Information support: Arabian and Russian mass-media, TV channel TVC, radio station Voice of Russia in the Middle East, Jordanian news agency Petra, Al Arab Al Yaum, Al-Ahram, Al Dustur, Jordan Business weekly, Al Rai, Al Waseet, Jordan Times, The Star,

Visitors: the representatives of ministries and departments, the businessmen and experts of Jordan, Iraq and other countries of Middle East region.

The exhibition purpose: restoration of the Russian, Jordan and Iraq cooperation and development of business relations with Jordan and the neighboring countries.


Thematic sections of the exhibition:

  • Power Industry
  • Metallurgy,
  • Mechanical Engineering Industry,
  • Construction,
  • Transport and Technical Equipment,
  • Oil and Gas,
  • Geology,
  • Chemistry,
  • Timber,
  • Medicine,
  • Education,
  • Agriculture


52 industrial companies from 12 regions of the Russian Federation took part in the exhibition. The exhibition featured a conference titled Russia-Jordan: economic cooperation at present stage with speeches by Russian and Jordanian representatives of ministries and departments, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and business circles.

There were many business meetings and negotiations, including with representatives of business circles of Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

The exhibition and conference received high praise from the participants, the media, and the ministries. This year, writes the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry in its feedback about the results of Expo-Russia 2008, the exhibition of OAO Zarubezh-Expo was conducted at a high organizational and professional level and was a high-profile event in the public, political and economic life of the Kingdom of JordanAccording to experts, the annual show at the industrial exhibition in Amman of Russian technologies and the latest achievements has great significance for Russian businesses oriented towards the Near Eastern region, forms a favorable image of the country and makes it possible to demonstrate its economic potential, which currently provokes the increased interest of Arabian businessmen in the Middle East. The press centre of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia reports that The Expo-Russia 2008 exhibition, according to its participants, will expand the possibilities for Russian producers on the markets of the Near East and promote the development of commercial ties between Russia and the Arab world. (26.03.2008 Alliance Media Information Agency, Jordan: Expo-Russia 2008 Industrial Exhibition Wraps Up). Speaking at the conference, Jordanian representatives especially pointed out that the countrys government, striving to improve the investment climate in the country, has taken a number of new legislative initiatives. This complex of measures can seriously deepen cooperation between the two countries (19.03.2008, 15.57 Itar-Tass, Russian and Jordanian Businessmen Discuss Prospects for Two Countries Economic Cooperation at Conference in Amman).

Exhibitors at Expo-Russia 2008 included large companies such as OAO Zarubezhneft, OAO Russian Railways (RZD), OOO Rostselmash and OAO Kamaz. The exhibition also provided an opportunity to promote the interests of Russian medium-sized businesses in Jordan. For instance, the medical companies OAO Medius, jointly with ZAO NPK Ecoflon, which had already taken part several times in the exhibition Expo-Russia, this year prepared their exposition and an office where they presented samples of products made by the companies.

The opening of the new Russian branch office makes it possible to begin specific business dialogue with companies from Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Taking into account the opening of the branch office, the first productive negotiations have already been conducted with interested parties from various countries.

Business contacts were established during the exhibition and they continue to be developed. United Energy System (RAO "UES of Russia") reports that, In particular, subsidiaries of RAO "UES of Russia" are corresponding about matters pertaining to the development of cooperation with the companies Orbit (Mohammed Khader) and Mesopotamia (Mohammed Al-Jiburi), as well as the Iraqi Sheikh Saad

The Cheboksary enterprise ZAO Sespel spoke highly of the conduct of the exhibition, saying, Our company has begun to conduct negotiations with Iraqi, Jordanian and Syrian business circles. Active interest is being shown toward our products, and we understand that our products are in demand in this region. With regard to the work methods and conditions, well find mutual understanding with our partners. Our task at the exhibition was to find companies that would represent our products on mutually-profitable terms. Based on the results of preliminary negotiations, a number of companies have expressed interest in working with us, for example, National Radiator Factory, Masafat, Financial Investment Co, Jo Alten, Catalyst and others. This is why we want to take part in several more exhibitions.

During the Expo-Russia 2008 exhibition, OOO Forstone introduced visitors to a technology for producing tile for facing and finishing of buildings, as well as for producing sidewalk paving slabs. Agreements of intent were signed with 5 representatives of Jordan, Syria and other countries. Companies interested in opening branch offices in Jordan presented samples of casting molds. After OOO Forstone demonstrated the capabilities of their technologies, the Jordanian side showed keen interest in expanding cooperation, as well as setting up production and branch offices.

ZAO Retemp, which develops and supplies automated systems for managing technological processes on a turn-key basis, is now working in Jordan on the basis of a deal that was concluded during the exhibition.

OAO Russian Railways is conducting negotiations with Al Jamel Trade Limited Company, Inter Globe, Saleh Mahdi Jasem Est. and others. In the future, OAO Russian Railways plans to reconstruct to build railroads in Jordan.

OAO Zarubezhneft has noted high interest shown towards the companys exhibit items presented at the EXPO-RUSSIA 2008 exhibition. Visitors included representatives of such companies of the region as Azmi Al-Said Khreisat, General Manager of International Energy Consultations Enterprise, Taisir A.Taji, Director of the Jordan Civil Aviation Authority, Omar Al-Khalidy, a representative of a Sheikh from Baghdad, Shuhadeh Mohdawi, Manager of International Marketing&Sales of Ram Oil Co. Ltd., Mazen Al-Houtari, General Manager of Arabian Perfect Company Ltd., Mohd K.S. Oglat, General Manager of Ataqwa Est. for University Services and others. Currently OAO Zarubezhneft is conducting negotiations on cooperation with these companies.

Representatives of OOO Rostselmash held about 50 business meetings and negotiations as part of the Expo-Russia 2008 exhibition, including with representatives of Iraqi and Saudi Arabian business circles.

Negotiations are underway with the following companies of the region: South Agriculture Co. Ltd, Najad Agriculture Trading Co. Ltd, AlKoroom Agriculture & Trading Est, United Agriculture Enterprises Co. Ltd, General Co. For Trade & Agriculture, Scientific Health & Agriculture Development Co, Alwazani Agricultural Development Corp, Green Zone for Trade & Agriculture, Al-Ishrak Co. for Agriculture & Trading.

At the Expo Russia 2008 exhibition, the Russo-Arabian Business Council presented the First Arabia-Expo International Exhibition, which was held in Moscow in October 2008. An agent agreement has been signed with the Jordanian partner on the preparation of Arabia-Expo.

During the exhibition, a meeting was held of the Russian-Jordanian Business Council under the Chairmanship of E.G. Novitsky and Haidar Murad, where they agreed upon the structure of the working bodies and the program of the councils work.

Surely, these and other results of the holding of the 7th Expo-Russia 2008 industrial exhibition and the business contacts that were established between Russian and near eastern business owners as part of the work of the previous Expo-Russia exhibitions will serve to promote further development of commercial cooperation between Russia and the countries of the region.


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